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Private money has, for years, been an alternative funding source.  These days, however, with the tightening of lending standards by the banks, private money has become a viable option for even the most highly qualified individuals.

Private money is typically funded by individual investors or through pools of such individual private investors.  The absence of bank underwriting requirements allows us the flexibility to structure private money loans to meet the needs of borrowers that fall outside of the box for banks.

This includes real estate investors and developers these days.  Even highly qualified investors are using private money to leverage their existing cash and/or to finance the build out of real estate projects.  With many banks setting limits on how many properties a borrower may own, private money is not just for individuals with challenged credit any more.

The biggest factor when dealing with private money is the underlying value of the real estate that is being used to secure the private money loan.  The more equity available, the more likely we are able to overcome other issues.

For more information on private money lending, please contact us today.  Typically, a fifteen minute phone call is all it takes for us to determine whether or not we can help with your financing request.

If you prefer, you can also email me direct with your private money scenario and I will get back to you with additional questions or an answer regarding your request.

Private Money Guidelines


Our private money loan guidelines differ depending on your private money loan needs.  Typically, we will lend to a maximum of 60% of the real estate value.  On private money land deals, our maximum loan to value is 30%.  Values are typically determined by an appraisal or site visit.  Contact us today to talk about the specific requirements for your private money loan needs.


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