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Private hard money offers options that may not be available through banks or institutions.  Private hard money lenders are mostly concerned about the value of the real estate being used to secure the loan, with credit typically being a secondary factor. 

With enough real estate equity, private hard money loans can overcome many credit issues, major and minor.

Private hard money loans are typically placed with individual investors, or multiple investors "fractionalizing" a single loan.  These investors typically want to realize a double digit return on the money they loan, so most private hard money loans will carry an interest rate that can range from 10% to 14% or more.

Private hard money loans are typically written for anywhere between one and five years, and can be amortized or interest only loans.  Most private hard money loans made in today's market are for business purposes, with financing for consumer purposes being much tougher to secure.

When dealing with private hard money, you have the ability to present your transaction one on one. 

Qualifying for a private hard money loan is pretty straight forward.  Depending on what type of loan you are in need of, the documentation required can differ. 

If you would like more information, or have a scenario that needs private hard money, please complete our private hard money loan form or call us directly.








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