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Private hard money lenders can provide many options that banks cannot.  Private hard money lenders are mostly concerned about the value of the real estate being used to secure the loan, with credit typically being a secondary factor. 

With enough real estate equity, you will usually find private hard money lenders are able to overlook other shortcomings associated with the transaction.

Private hard money lenders invest in trust deeds.  Many invest retirement funds from self directed IRA's, while others invest cash on hand.  Either way, the goal of the lender is to earn a return on their money that is greater than that which they can realize through other investments.

The major benefit to working with private hard money lenders is the absence of any hard and fast underwriting requirements.  If we can build a package that is able to remove risk associated with making the loan, we can typically secure the financing requested.

The easiest way to remove risk to the private hard money lenders is to have plenty of equity in the property to be collateralized.  If this is an issue, we can also cross collateralize other property to bring the equity position to a conservative enough level to obtain funding.

In some cases, we can be more aggressive on the equity required.  For example, a borrower who has excellent credit with verifiable income and a large cushion of liquid assets that can be verified can help mitigate risk and allow us to secure financing at a higher loan to value than we otherwise may be able to consider.

Another way we can mitigate risk is by collateralizing property in "lower risk" areas.  For example, we can likely secure a higher loan to value on a property located in San Francisco than we can on a property located in Tracy, Bakersfield or other such localities that did not hold their value during the recent real estate downturn.

If you would like more information, or have a scenario that needs private hard money lenders, please complete our private hard money loan form or call us directly.  We are happy to discuss your situation and work with you to find a solution.








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