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Land loans are becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain in today's market.  We can help with your land loans in general, but our niche is Northern California land loans.  Depending on the nature of the deal, we can also help with your California land loan needs outside of the Northern California area.

Land loans are very loan to value driven.  For Northern California land loans, we need the loan to value to be at or below 30% as determined by an appraisal.  Land loans for parcels that have been purchased in the recent past are typically going to use that purchase price as the land value basis for computation of the loan to value.

The exception to this rule on land loans is if you have improved the property.  If you have improved the property since the purchase, we can typically use a new appraised value for the base on our land loan to value calculations.  If you have a tentative approved map, or even better, a final approved map, we will have more options on your land loan.

In order to properly evaluate your land loan request, there are a few items of information we will need up front.  If this is a land loan refinance, we will need to know when you purchased the land, how much you paid, as well as the structure of the existing land loan on the property.  In addition, if you have spent any money out of pocket improving the land, we will want a line item breakdown of those funds.

If this is a purchase, the land loan process is more straight-forward.  We will need to know the purchase price, how much money you have to put down, and if the seller is willing to carry back a second behind our land loan.

If you are looking for a land loan to improve the property, or do the horizontal or vertical construction, we will also need a contractors bid for the work to be completed, with a line item breakdown of costs.  If you are able to have this information available upfront, it will help your land loan process go much more smoothly.

We can help with land loans in general, but prefer California land loans, and even more specifically, Northern California land loans.  In addition to a straight forward land loan, we can also offer construction land loans, for both the horizontal and vertical portions of your project.

Contact me for more information on our land loans in general, California land loans, or Northern California land loans.  Please complete our online form to start the process, or call me directly to discuss your land loan needs.



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