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By using a rehab loan, many real estate investors are able to take advantage of additional real estate opportunities in today's market.

A rehab loan can aid a real estate investor by allowing them to leverage their existing cash.

A rehab loan is typically based on an after repair value of a property.  Most rehab loans are made to investors for investment properties, and are typically short term loans, 6-12 months.

The typical rehab loan is interest only, and carries no prepayment penalty.  The rehab loan is geared towards the "fix and flip" investor, although it can also be used by investors looking to buy and hold.

Investors looking to buy and hold typically will be looking at two separate transactions.  The first, the rehab loan, will allow them to acquire and rehab the property using the after repair value.

Once the property is rehabbed, and ideally rented or leased, a second loan can be made that is more long term.  This loan can be more traditional, as it will not need to rely on an after repair value.  Instead, since the rehab has been completed and a renter potentially found, we can use an "as is" value.

Working in two steps like this is more expensive, as the investor is paying fees on two separate loans, but it is a way to acquire properties for the long term with the least amount of cash out of pocket.

For more information on our rehab loan offerings, please contact us via phone or email.  You can also visit our investor rehab loans page for details and examples of rehab loans we are able to facilitate.



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