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Our investor rehab loans are tailored towards the acquisition and rehab, fix and flip investors.  These investor rehab loans will take into account the ARV (after repair value), and will cover the cost of rehab and up to six months of interest reserves.

An overview of our investor rehab loans:

Maximum loan to value - 60%, this is based on the after repair value and is determined by comps, site visit and/or an appriasal.

Minimum cash contribution by the borrower - 20% of the purchase price

Minimum loan amount - $50,000 for our investor rehab loans

Lending areas - California


Our investor rehab loans in conjunction with the cash you bring to the table will typically cover the purchase price, rehab costs, all fees and up to six months of interest reserves. 


Here is an overview of a typical rehab loan made under this program:

Purchase price: $100,000

After repair value: $175,000

Cost of rehab: $10,000

In this situation, we would be able to put a rehab loan together for $105,000 (60% of the after repair value).  This would be a 12 month loan at 12.5% with no prepayment penalty.

Cash required to close would be approximately $21,000.  The borrower would have a builders control account of $10,000 from which to draw for the rehab work to be done.  This is an easy draw process, and funds can be advanced for the work to avoid any out of pocket costs associated with the rehab work to be done.

In addition, there would be an interest reserve account set up to cover payments for the first six months, so no payments due until month seven.  Monthly payments on this would be $1093.75.  There would be a balloon payment due at the end of 12 months for the full principal balance at that time.

There is no prepayment penalty, so if the loan is paid off month three, the borrower would receive the three months of unused interest reserves back.

This is a typical transaction under our investor rehab loans program and the terms may not apply to all borrowers.  If you would like us to review your scenario, please email us the following information:

Property address

Purchase price

Cost of rehab

Pictures of the property

Square footage and bedroom/bathroom count for the property


We do not offer pre-qualifications or proof of funds letters.  Each deal is unique, and is underwritten individually, once you have a property under contract, we will begin the loan process.  In addition to the property information, we will also require the following documentation as we move forward:

Completed loan application (download here)

Credit report


Purchase contract

Title/escrow information and prelim once available

Itemized cost breakdown of work to be done

Financial documentation showing cash available to close


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our investor rehab loans, or to run your scenario with us.



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